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Who's on your team? Once you receive your license, what's next? SOP Write-ups for NJ Cannabis Licensing Training and assistance in the designing and operating of a cannabis business

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"New Jersey Adult-Use Sales Predicted to Remain Strong After Successful Launch. BDSA [a leading provider of cannabis industry market research] is predicting that New Jersey’s adult-use sales will push the State to become one of the fastest growing cannabis markets in the country. With a strong foundation set by the medical program and rapidly rising consumer participation, BDSA expects New Jersey to be the third largest contributor to overall U.S. cannabis sales growth by 2026. New Jersey is forecast to bring in $530 million in adult-use sales in 2022, bringing total cannabis sales in NJ for the year up to almost $800 million,” the company predicts." New Cannabis Ventures 6/17/2022

What We Do

SOP Write-ups for NJ Cannabis Licensing

Training and assistance in the designing and operating of a cannabis business

What We Don't Do

Replace your NJ local attorney.

If you do not have one selected, we will provide recommendations for an experienced attorney in New Jersey’s cannabis industry to integrate our SOPs into your application

We are a NJ based company consisting of a group of local professionals, each an expert in their field of cultivation, processing or retailing.

No need to go out of State for a Zoom relationship to assist in your application process. We do not write the entire application, but instead work with you and your attorneys by providing the financial and operating SOPs which are the most critical and subjective part of the conversion or annual application needed to receive final CRC approval.

Our team has written multiple SOPs, both inside and outside of New Jersey, most recently a 1000+ page document for a December, 2021 applicant.

Located in New Jersey, we can meet in-person to help with the application process. view your site selection, etc.  After your license is granted we can offer additional assistance as requested.

Our Team of Writers

Processing Mentors

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Cultivating/Business Mentors

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Retailing Mentors

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Our Support Team of Services

Architecture Mentors

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Cannabis Security Specialist Mentors

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Good Manufacturing Processes Mentors

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Telecommunications ∓ Internet Mentors

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Marketing & Advertising Mentors

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Forecast & Valuation Mentors

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How can we help your NJ Marijuana Application?

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